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PHOTOS to DIGITAL Conversion

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Photo and slide digital conversion to CD, DVD or USB Flash drive. Scanning slides, negatives and photos – transfer to CD, DVD and slide show for TV viewing.

Do you have a pile of slides that you really wish you could have scanned so you can watch on your TV, Computer, or iPad without digging out the slide projector every time? Well, now you can. Let us convert your slides or pictures to digital format. We will clean up the slides, convert them to digital and put them on either a CD, DVD, OR USB drive.

Convert Your

We bring the know how of old school photography to the digital world. Our motto is: If it’s an image, we can convert it, transfer it, preserve it. We scan slides, negatives, and photos. We transfer to CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive and slideshow for TV viewing.

Slides • NegativesPhotos  • 35MM • 110MM • 126MM

Photos are the keepers of our past. And they ensure our future as well.. Photos hold a treasure trove of precious memories but unless they are digitized, they fade away with each passing year. We think those all photos deserve to be taken to the digital age. We love those old photos and we also love our digital cameras. The transfer from one to another merges the past with the present and preserves the future.

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PHOTO Scanning

With our fast, reliable photo scanning service, we can take your old photographs and digitize them so they can be stored on your computer (or your cloud, your Facebook page, etc.) forever. The beauty of photography is that your memories, your treasured moments in time, don’t have to be merely remembered – they can be documented. The beauty of picture scanning services like ours is that your physical photographs can be digitized into to high-resolution images, just like your digital camera creates. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?


Why Convert PHOTOS to DIGITAL?


Photos Damage Easily: With a thumb drive, a few hundred photos takes up as much space as a box of photos. Converting PHOTOS to DIGITAL means storing the same photo content on a small thumbdrive – saving you space and never having to worry about damaging them.


PHOTOS Deteriorate and Break: Photos whether a Polaroid or 35mm slides, degrade over time much more rapidly than a thumb drive. While storing photos in a constant temperature and humidity helps delay deterioration, the longer you wait to transfer photos to digital thumb drives the lower the quality will be. In addition, photos the more they are looked at are more likely to crease or fade the older they become.


Photos are Obsolete: Photos hold a treasure trove of information in a single frame. Isn’t it time to dust off the lid of that shoebox and finally preserve those images that deserve to be shared? We all love our digital cameras and are addicted to quick pics taken from our phones. Digitizing your photo collection merges the past with the present, ensuring that your stories are told.

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

I received excellent service in as speedy a manner as possible ("In case you didn't hear, we had a hurricane down here."  Love having my VHS tapes made into DVD's so that I can finally watch them again! Kudos to Harold!

Beth Rogers

I am such a novice but I had some great vhs instructional tapes. I had Harold convert them. They are perfect with great quality voice and movie clarity. Then, I am such a novice, that I didn't know how to load and copy the dvds at home. He called back to help me with everything. I did what he said but still needed help. Again we talked and I picked up the next clue to what I did wrong. Then I called him again tonight for the last clue. I am now successful in copying the first DVD he did for me to another copy for a friend. What a patient man. He went way over the normal customer line to help me conquer this project.


I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work done by HB Media Solutions. I gave Harold 51 video cassettes in 4 different formats. Harold kept me informed during process and he was fast, reasonable and very professional. I'd use him again and would recommend his service to everybody. Everything came out great, the hard disk and the DVDs. I am enjoying reliving our family’s memories. Thank you Harold!

Carlos Manning

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