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VHS to DVD Services in
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VHS to DVD Conversion

People want to hold on to their old VHS collections as they contain beautiful memories from the past. However, it doesn’t matter how safely you store them; it is guaranteed that they will degrade with the passage of time. One of the safest way to preserve that media is to convert it to DVD. You can count on HB Media Solutions for professional VHS to DVD conversion services.

Why Convert VHS to DVD?

While there are many benefits of converting VHS to DVD; the main purpose of this transfer is to ensure that you have a convenient way to watch your old videos and movies on a much superior format. VHS cassettes degrade sharply over time whether you play them or not. So in order to preserve your memories, it is recommended that you have them converted into modern, durable format i.e. DVD.

Why Hire Us?

At HB Media Solutions, we offer professional audio/video conversion, duplication, and post-production services at competitive prices.

HB Media Solutions is unique because of our outstanding customer service, commitment to customer satisfaction, and personal attention given to each order. We have been providing VHS conversion services for over ten years and have many repeated and satisfied clients. We understand the clients need to feel comfortable with who they hand over their lifelong treasures. With our reliable and friendly service, you can rest easy knowing that your valued tapes are in good hands. With us, you will always be able to know the status of your order by contacting us anytime you like and have your questions answered immediately.


Videotape to DVD Transfer

HB Media Solutions has been offering transfer services from a wide range of original videotape formats including:

* VHS, S-VHS * VHS-C to DVD * Betamax to DVD
* Digital-8, 8mm * Hi8 to DVD * HDV and DVCam to DVD * Betacam SP to DVD

Film to DVD Transfer

While home-movie films are more durable than videotapes, they will not last forever. We recommend have them converted into DVD or any digital format to preserve the longevity of the content for years to come.

We offer the following film to DVD transfer services:

 * 8mm film to converted to DVD or digital file
* 16mm film to DVD or digital file
* Super-8mm film to DVD or digital file

Photos Scanning to Digital Conversion

* Photo scanning * 35mm negative scanning
* 35mm slide scanning
* Custom photo to DVD slideshows
* PowerPoint presentations to video file or DVD conversion

We perform all scans at high resolution for extremely sharp print-quality files.

Audio Cassette to CD Transfer

In addition to our film, video, and photo transfer services, HB Media Solutions also offers quality audio transfer services. Our audio transfer services include:

* Audio Cassettes to CD or mp3
* 4-track cassette to CD or mp3
* Micro Cassettes to CD or mp3
* Vinyl records to CD/mp3
* Mini CD to standard CD/mp3 files
* Sony Minidisc to CD or mp3

If you live and or work in Davie Florida, then we’re right around the corner from us! Davie has some of our most loyal customers bringing in many nostalgic films and video tapes from decades past. You can read some of our Davie customer’s digital conversion reviews about our conversion and transfer services.

Why Convert VHS to DVD?


VHS Tapes are Bulky: With VHS tapes, a few hours of video takes up as much space as a book. Converting VHS to DVD means storing the same video content on a small stack of disks – probably taking up less space than just a few of VHS tapes.


VHS and Video Tapes Deteriorate and Break: Analog tapes, whether VHS or 8mm cassettes, degrade over time much more rapidly than digital disks. While storing tapes in constant temperature and humidity helps delay deterioration, the longer you wait to transfer video tapes to digital disks the lower the quality will be. In addition, cassette tapes have mechanical moving parts that are more likely to break or malfunction the older they become.


VHS Tapes are Obsolete: VHS tapes and players are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur. If you keep waiting to do something with your old video tapes, one day you will find yourself with no way to play or reproduce them. Then you may end up spending big money to pay a professional to salvage your precious home movies.

Why Choose HB Media Solutions

We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

Process was smooth!

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I brought Harold a large order with 85 tapes I had in a box. While doing the order he realized some of them were recorded tv shows. Instead of just converting them and making a few bucks, he called me and confirmed I didn't want those so I didn't overpay. Then, he worked overtime to make sure the order was done ahead of schedule. The process was smooth and the result was perfect.

They're truly wonderful and I would definitely recommend using them!

5 5 1
HB Media Solutions is fantastic! The thought of handing over irreplaceable memories in the form of old home movies was nerve-racking to me but after meeting their team I was very confident they would do a great job, and they did! They request that you label each and every tape you provide to them with your contact information to ensure that nothing gets lost which not every company does but I think is very necessary. They are also very realistic when estimating when your items will be ready for pickup which I really appreciated. If you need your tapes done by a certain date, make sure you tell them and that you give them enough time. For example, if you give them a 6-hour tape, it's going to take them 6 hours to transfer it so remember to be patient if you have a lot of items. HB Media Solutions gave me the ability to hear my mom's voice again and for that I am forever grateful! They're truly wonderful and I would definitely recommend using them!

Excellent service!

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Excellent service, reasonable prices and awesome delivery time frame, highly recommended.
VHS to DVD Conversion Davie Florida Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

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