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Cassettes CD Service

CASSETTES to CD Conversion

Your Trusted Source For Affordable Media Conversions

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Cassette TapesCassette Tapes$14.99
8 Track Tapes8 Track Tapes$13.99
Mini DiscMini Disc$13.99
DAT TapesDAT Tapes$24.95
LP RecordsLP Records$13.99
78 Records78 Records$13.99
45 Records45 Records$4.99


Convert cassette to CD made easy with HB Media Solutions! We run all our cassette tapes to CD conversions on site (like every other conversion we handle).

All sizes of Records (LPs) 33, 45 & 78, have a shelf life & a number of plays before they wear out. They are also prone to breakage. Save your favorite albums & singles to cd to keep your memories safe. 8 track and cassette tapes are vulnerable to damage, breakage and loss of sound quality.


We convert your outdated cassettes! Have an old music recording or an old collection on cassette? Let HD Media Solutions bring you to the future by converting these cassette tapes to a digital version. We’ll transfer them into digital copies to either a CD, thumb drive or hard drive.

Cassettes to CD • Reel to Reel TransfersVinyl Records Transfers

Popular not so long ago, cassettes tapes are now a thing of the past. By what about all the music and other recordings you spent hours upon hours putting in all those cassettes tapes. Now we can convert and transfer all these hours of precious memories into CDs.

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Don’t just convert your LPs, Cassettes and 8 Tracks: Let us remaster them to the highest quality CDs available! Why choose HB Media Solutions to save your favorite music?

  • We never ship media off site.
  • All work is done in our studio.
  • Our trained, experienced staff monitor each project and check for quality control.
  • We do not believe in automation!
  • We offer discounts based on the number of records, cassettes and 8 track tapes you have to be converted.
Transfer Audio Cassette Tapes to CD

Don’t loose your favorite songs: HB MEDIA Solutions offers professional, high-quality conversion of records (LPs), cassette and 8 track tapes. All of our audio conversions are done on premises. We don’t just convert your albums and songs, we offer quality sound correction and adjustments to ensure the highest quality conversions possible.




Cassette Tapes are Bulky: With Cassette tapes, a few hours of music takes up as much space as a book. Converting Cassettes to CD means storing the same audio content on a small stack of disks – probably taking up less space than just a few of Cassette tapes.


Cassette Tapes Deteriorate and Break: Analog tapes, whether cassettes or 8 Track cassettes, degrade over time much more rapidly than digital disks. While storing tapes in constant temperature and humidity helps delay deterioration, the longer you wait to transfer audio tapes to digital disks the lower the quality will be. In addition, cassette tapes have mechanical moving parts that are more likely to break or malfunction the older they become.


Cassette Tapes are Obsolete: VHS tapes and players are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur. If you keep waiting to do something with your old cassette tapes, one day you will find yourself with no way to play or reproduce them. Then you may end up spending big money to pay a professional to salvage your precious music.

Why Choose HB Media Solutions

We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

Very helpful and accommodating!

5 5 1
What a great bargain and how exciting to receive those DVDs in the mail. Harold did a great job and communicated throughout. He even got one of the more important DVDs done early and was able to get it to me for a family member who was visiting. Very helpful and accommodating.

He is diligent and cares!

5 5 1
I contacted Harold about a month before Christmas re: making DVD copies of our 26+ year old VHS tapes. Unlike most businesses, Harold called me back, called me back promptly, and explained the technicalities involved with the transfer and what he could do. He did not send a text or brush me off. He did not promise what he could not deliver. I was already pleased with hbmediasolutions' pricing compared to most businesses before Harold also offered an even further reduced price with a Groupon offer. We took our VHS tapes to him and saw that many large orders were ahead of us; we didn't expect that he would be able to get our DVD's made so quickly AND before Christmas. We are pleased with the quality of the DVD's, the match of the voice to visual, and even the professional labeling on the DVD's. We would definitely use Harold and hbmediasolutions again for any type of media demands we might have in the future. He is diligent and cares if he delivers a good product. Thank you, Harold, for doing a great job and letting us see our kids on video 'young again'.

He is a true professional!

5 5 1
Harold took a collection of old, sometimes unidentifiable videotapes and turned them into CDs. He is a true professional and was very clear about what he would be able to do. He made the best out of what were probably poor quality tapes to start with. Harold made it possible to preserve some family memories, and I am forever thankful! The Living Social coupon made the deal irresistible! Thanks again, Harold!
Cassettes CD Service Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.

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