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VHS-C to DVD Conversion

VHS to DVD Conversion

Your Trusted Source For Affordable Media Conversions

VHS-C to DVD Conversion

Type of Media (under 2 hours) Starting Price
VHS $13.99 ea
VHS-C $13.99 ea
HI-8 $13.99 ea
VIDEO-8 $13.99 ea
DIGITAL-8 $13.99 ea
8 MM $13.99 ea
MINI-DV $13.99 ea
PAL $19.99 ea
BETA $20.00 ea
Broadcast Quality Tapes
(price varies depending on length) 
$54.95 ea

VHS-C to DVD Conversion

Why Hire Us?

HB Media Solutions is a professional company that can convert nearly any type of media into digital format. Find memories and lost footage you didn’t know you had. Think no more about out of date or broken equipment to view your precious memories, use a simple format that everybody can enjoy. Only send us your VHS tapes, and we will convert them all for you.

Following are some reasons why HB Media Solutions should be your first choice for professional video conversion services:

• 10+ years of experience in the business with numerous successfully completed projects
• Personalized, outstanding customer service
• Most of our clients represent repeat business
• Guaranteed competitive pricing
• Successful projects completed on time while staying on budget
• Industry standard quality and post production techniques (color grading, motion graphics, etc.)

Convert Your

VHS-C to DVD Conversion

Got a pile of old VHS-C tapes? VHS-C to DVD transfer service is one of our most popular transfer requests. We’ll transfer them into digital copies to either a DVD, thumb drive or hard drive.

If you have a VHS collection of your memories, you might be worried about keeping that valuable media to last longer. Also, managing the space and store those bulky tapes around your home is a problem. Converting VHS to DVD is one of the best ways to preserve to preserve those memories. HB Media Solutions can help you with that. We use a transcoding technique with the latest equipment in our video conversion lab to convert VHS to DVD professionally.

How DVDs are Better Than VHS Tapes?

Following are some major advantages of DVDs over VHS tapes:

•First of all, DVDs have much smaller size as compared to a VHS tapes, so they are quite handy to have around.

•Anytime you place a digital video onto a DVD, it opens the path to uploading or transferring the content to a website, mobile phone, or digital media player.

•DVDs display high-quality video and soundtrack because they are read by a digital laser beam. Furthermore, the chances of DVDs deteriorating are much less than you see with VHS tapes because there are not a lot of assets to go into storing the media.

•Last but not least, VHS systems are obsolete, and they are longer a must have. DVDs and Blu-rays have taken its place now. That’s why more and more people are using professional video conversion services to transfer their old VHS files to DVD in order to get a better viewing experience.

Why Choose HB Media Solutions

We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

I received excellent service in as speedy a manner as possible ("In case you didn't hear, we had a hurricane down here."  Love having my VHS tapes made into DVD's so that I can finally watch them again! Kudos to Harold!

Beth Rogers

I am such a novice but I had some great vhs instructional tapes. I had Harold convert them. They are perfect with great quality voice and movie clarity. Then, I am such a novice, that I didn't know how to load and copy the dvds at home. He called back to help me with everything. I did what he said but still needed help. Again we talked and I picked up the next clue to what I did wrong. Then I called him again tonight for the last clue. I am now successful in copying the first DVD he did for me to another copy for a friend. What a patient man. He went way over the normal customer line to help me conquer this project.


I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work done by HB Media Solutions. I gave Harold 51 video cassettes in 4 different formats. Harold kept me informed during process and he was fast, reasonable and very professional. I'd use him again and would recommend his service to everybody. Everything came out great, the hard disk and the DVDs. I am enjoying reliving our family’s memories. Thank you Harold!

Carlos Manning

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