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VHS to DVD Conversion Pembroke Pines Florida

VHS to DVD Services in
Pembroke Pines, Florida

VHS to DVD Conversion Pembroke Pines Florida

Almost everybody has a collection of VHS tapes floating around in boxes, containing home movies or videos they have taken over the years. Unfortunately, VHS is no longer in production as the technology has become obsolete. This means finding VCPs and VCRs that can play such tapes is becoming harder every day. Converting your VHS tapes to DVD with the help of professionals. HB Media Solutions is a recommended choice in this regard.

Why Convert VHS to DVD?

Analog videotapes and photos lose their flexibility and color with the passage of time. Videotapes lose playability and clarity from temperature, humidity, and exposure to electromagnetic fields. The maximum life of a VHS tape can be 15-20 years. Furthermore, these tapes are becoming obsolete, and their playing equipment such as VCRs that are no longer manufactured and their repairs are also unavailable. Considering all these facts, it is a good idea to convert VHS to DVD in order to preserve the treasured memories.

Why Hire Us?

HB Media Solutions is a customer-focused company committed to transferring your invaluable memories into a digital format for easy viewing and preservation. At HB Media Solutions, we understand the importance of preserving your photographs and videos. Whether you need to protect your films or tapes against sudden or gradual physical loss, want to make perfect copies for friends and family, or choose the convenience of viewing a DVD, we can help you.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and personal monitoring staff in order to make sure the transfer is of best quality with no issues. We can handle all your media and video transfer needs.


Videotape Transfer to DVD

We transfer old videotapes such as VHS, VHS-C, etc. to DVD using state-of-the-art equipment and software. We record in DVD-R format in order to ensure the maximum compatibility with DVD players. After the transfer is done, we include a standard vinyl library case as well as the cover with your name printed on it. Furthermore, when it comes to miniDV or Video 8 conversion, we use the highest quality machines to upscale and sharpen the picture. Rest easy knowing that you will get the best possible digital copy of your valued memories.

Home Movie Film Transfer to DVD

Apart from videotape to DVD transfer, we specialize in transferring your home movie film to DVD professionally. Regardless of what type of format it is (e.g. 16mm film, 8mm film, etc.), we take special care of it. No matter the age of the film, we guarantee that we can transfer it to digital format.

Photo Transfer to DVD

If you want to transfer your old photos to DVD professionally, look no further than HB Media Solutions. Before we transfer photos to DVD, we clean them by airbrushing any dust, dirt, or loose particles. We also brighten and color correct the images as per client request. Using Digital ICE, we reduce or eliminate minor scratches, tears, creases, and blemishes from each printed image.

VHS and Film to DVD (Digital) Conversion Service in Pembroke Pines Florida. We provide digital conversion and transfer services in Broward County for Film, VHS Tapes, 8 track tapes, Vinyl records, and Cassettes.

Cassettes • Digital 8 • Super 8 & 8mm • Mini DV
8 Track Tapes • Digital Photos • Mini Disk Player.Records (Vinyl)
• SD/SDHC Cards • Video 8 Beta • VHS/VHS-C

If you live and or work in Pembroke Pines FL, then we’re right around the corner. We have been doing business in this area for over 10 years. Pembroke Pines residents in Boca Raton are some of our most loyal customers bringing in many nostalgic films and video tapes from decades past. You can read some of our Boca customer’s digital conversion reviews about our conversion and transfer services.

Why Convert VHS to DVD?


VHS Tapes are Bulky: With VHS tapes, a few hours of video takes up as much space as a book. Converting VHS to DVD means storing the same video content on a small stack of disks – probably taking up less space than just a few of VHS tapes.


VHS and Video Tapes Deteriorate and Break: Analog tapes, whether VHS or 8mm cassettes, degrade over time much more rapidly than digital disks. While storing tapes in constant temperature and humidity helps delay deterioration, the longer you wait to transfer video tapes to digital disks the lower the quality will be. In addition, cassette tapes have mechanical moving parts that are more likely to break or malfunction the older they become.


VHS Tapes are Obsolete: VHS tapes and players are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur. If you keep waiting to do something with your old video tapes, one day you will find yourself with no way to play or reproduce them. Then you may end up spending big money to pay a professional to salvage your precious home movies.

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We make a lot of people happy… Join our family of happy customers!

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I had two VHS tapes I wanted to convert to DVD within a week to surprise my parents. I took them in on Saturday and by Tuesday I picked them up! I greatly appreciated the rush that was put on them. One of the VHS tapes was fuzzy when I played it, but HB Media cleaned it up and I was able to watch it with no fuzz. A great job was done, with great customer service! I recommend anyone to try them won't be disappointed!

Thank you so much for the amazing experience!

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Thank you so much for the amazing experience! I took 4 VHS tapes to get converted to DVDs and they came out great! And they were ready WAY before the deadline I was given. It's been great going through my old memories, and it was all made possible thanks to you guys! Awesome job!

Great customer service and quick return!

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HB Media did an excellent job converting thirty-three 8mm family video tapes to DVD. Harold is the best, great customer service and quick return. Thanks Harold!!
VHS to DVD Conversion Pembroke Pines Florida Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.

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